Discover Morecambe


09 January 2019

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Discover Morecambe

Welcome to Nature’s Amphitheatre

Meet the King of Piel Island or the Queen’s Guide to the Sands. Discover an astounding haven of wildlife and birds, or Victorian towns and Art Deco glamour.


Cross the Bay on foot, stroll along the prom or explore the coastline on wheels. Uncover ancient sites and seafaring traditions, or spellbinding views with sunsets that set the sea alight.


Watch wading birds calling, seals playing, and kite-sails flying, or just sit back and enjoy the shrimps. Explore spectacular beauty in this breath-taking kaleidoscope of water, light, sea and sky. Explore nature’s amphitheatre. Explore Morecambe Bay

As a seaside town with perhaps the finest view from any seaside town in Britain, Morecambe offers a wide range of activities all year round for all the family either for a day visit or a longer holiday break throughout the year. Activities include the Promenade and beach area with the unique wide range of Festivals and Events throughout the year particularly during the summer months, many of which are financially supported by the Town Council

There are many excellent cafes on the seafront and throughout the town catering for every appetite and including the art decor Midland Hotel. The resort also boasts a modern cinema, Bowling alley and Megazone for family entertainment. The beautiful Winter Gardens continues to be renovated by the dedicated band of Trustees and now hosts many events.

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